Cosmetic foot surgery New York, bunion removal surgery, hammertoe surgery, toe shortening surgery, & toe lengthening surgery.
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Cosmetic Foot Surgery In New York City


New York podiatrist Dr. Emanuel Sergi performs cosmetic foot surgery procedures, including toe shortening, toe lengtheningbunion removal surgerycorn removal, and callus treatment in NYC. These revolutionary foot surgeries and treatments can help patients walk more comfortably with more attractive feet.

Gone are the days of having to limit your shoe selection because of painful conditions. At Park Avenue Podiatric Care, Dr. Sergi specializes in advanced cosmetic foot surgery techniques that restore the slender, natural-looking contours of your feet. Our talented team of professionals can help you put your best foot forward by improving the look and feel of your feet.

Bunion Surgery 


Bunion surgery can correct painful bunions to reduce patient discomfort and improve the appearance of your feet. Bunions are bumps found on the side of your big toe or little toe which can get worse over time if left untreated. Bunions may affect the style of shoe you choose to wear, as heels or pointy shoes may result in pain or aggravation around the area of the bunion. Additionally, bunions can affect your daily activities, as discomfort caused by an unsightly bunion may lead to issues walking. Bunion surgery can effectively treat bunions to relieve pain and promote beautiful feet. Dr. Emanuel Sergi offers bunion surgery at his New York practice.

Slimline Bunion Surgery 


Dr. Emanuel Sergi offers Slimline Bunion Surgery™ in New York to remove painful bunions with a medial incision. This bunion removal technique produces a less visible scar than traditional dorsal incisions used to remove bunions. Dr. Sergi developed Slimline Bunion Surgery™ to produce long-lasting results for patients with less recovery time than traditional bunion removal procedures. There are no sutures that need to be removed after completing your bunion treatment and patients are weight-bearing immediately following their bunion surgery. Removing unsightly bunions is as streamlined as ever with Slimline Bunion Surgery™ in NYC.

Tailor's Bunion Treatment

Tailor’s bunions are painful knobs found at the base of your little toe. These unsightly bumps may cause patients to forgo wearing their favorite open-toed shoes, opting instead to cover up their feet. Tailor’s bunions also cause irritation, due to constant rubbing against the ground. At Park Avenue Podiatric Care in NYC, Dr. Emanuel Sergi offers the most up-to-date surgical techniques to remove tailor’s bunions so you can flaunt your feet without pain or discomfort. During tailor’s bunion surgery, Dr. Sergi will carefully remove the bunion while realigning the metatarsals to maintain an attractive, symmetrical pair of feet.

Hammertoe Surgery 


Hammertoe surgery can correct toes that have curled inward, producing a hammer-like shape. Hammertoes can lead to a variety of uncomfortable conditions, including calluses and corns, stiffness, or swelling. Not only can hammertoes make walking more difficult, but they can also become a cosmetic concern. Patients may refrain from showing off their feet in order to hide hammertoes. Dr. Emanuel Sergi offers innovative surgical procedures to correct hammertoes that are not responding to traditional non-surgical treatments. If you are looking to correct painful or stiff hammertoes, our NYC foot specialists at Park Avenue Podiatric Care can help achieve long-lasting results.

Toe Shortening Surgery 


The length of your toes is an important component of symmetrical, aesthetically-pleasing feet. Toes that are too long tend to appear disproportionate to the rest of your foot. Moreover, long toes are susceptible to corns and calluses forming over the knuckle, causing pain and discomfort; these conditions may limit your footwear choices, as some pairs of shoes may be too uncomfortable to wear. Undergoing toe shortening surgery at Park Avenue Podiatric Care in New York can reduce the length of elongated toes to promote a more balanced appearance. Undergoing cosmetic foot surgery can allow you to walk more comfortably in the shoes of your choice.

Toe Lengthening Surgery

Short toes are often caused by a genetic condition known as Brachymetatarsia. These toes are significantly shorter than others and overlap onto adjacent toes. Short toes may pose physical and aesthetic challenges for patients. Brachymetatarsia can cause pain in the tips of toes while wearing footwear. The overlapping of short toes may also result in a lack of confidence, preventing you from showing off your feet. Cosmetic foot surgeon Dr. Emanuel Sergi of Park Avenue Podiatric Care performs toe lengthening surgery in NYC to improve the alignment of your toes.

Plantar Fasciitis Surgery 


Plantar fasciitis can cause persistent heel pain when going about your daily activities. This condition, which affects millions of people each year, forms over time as the plantar fascia tissue progressively becomes more inflamed. This thin band of tissue is found at the heel of your foot and stretches to the toes. Patients with plantar fasciitis typically experience pain on the bottom of the foot that gets worse after inactivity. New York’s Park Avenue Podiatric Care provides specialized plantar fasciitis treatments to correct both severe and chronic heel pain, including radio frequency ablation, so you can go about your day without discomfort.

Severe Painful Corns Treatment 


Corn removal treatment targets painful corns that appear on the feet due to friction from your footwear. Repeatedly walking or running in ill-fitting shoes can lead to the formation of corns between the toes or on the soles of your feet. These small areas of thick skin are uncomfortable—even painful—and may discourage you from showing off your feet in open-toed shoes or sandals. Home treatments for corns may actually lead to more complications, so it is best to seek professional care to deal with these troublesome issues. Park Avenue Podiatric Care in NYC offers numerous treatments to combat painful corns, including Juvéderm® injections, to ease toe pain and improve the appearance of your feet.

Calluses Treatment

Calluses form due to repeated pressure against the soles or balls of your feet when walking or standing up. These thick buildups of skin are your body’s natural response to excess friction. Calluses can be unattractive and uncomfortable for patients, as they may prevent you from wearing particular footwear or engaging in certain activities due to pain or irritation. Dr. Emanuel Sergi of Park Avenue Podiatric Care provides a variety of treatments for calluses in NYC to reduce discomfort and relieve symptoms. Moreover, our foot specialists can provide callus prevention advice to guard against the formation of additional calluses.


NYC podiatrist Dr. Emanuel Sergi takes a personalized and caring approach to functional and cosmetic foot surgery. Dr. Sergi performs a variety of podiatric treatments to correct troublesome foot and ankle issues, including bunions, hammertoes, painful corns, calluses, and plantar fasciitis, among others. He is the founder of Park Avenue Podiatric Care in New York City, having assembled a caring team of foot specialists to guide you through each step of your procedure. Dr. Sergi continues to be at the forefront of podiatry advances. He is the developer of the innovative Slimline Bunion Surgery™ technique to treat bunions with less procedure time and recovery than traditional bunion removal methods. Dr. Sergi strives to provide beautiful, natural-looking results for his patients.