Foot calluses treatment in NYC to help combat painful calluses with the best callus treatment available at Park Avenue Podiatric Care.

Foot Calluses Treatment

Like corns, calluses form as part of the body’s natural defense to protect the foot against injury or damage caused by repeated friction and pressure. Calluses typically form on the soles of the feet, near the heel or ball of the foot, because those are the areas that bear the most pressure from standing and walking. Patients might develop calluses from wearing poor-fitting shoes or socks, going barefoot or sockless, or because they suffer from an underlying structural problem, such as flat feet. Especially thick calluses, in addition to being unattractive, could be a source of throbbing or burning pain and discomfort. At Park Avenue Podiatric Care, we can help you get relief from unsightly and painful calluses. Treatment options could include:

  • Soaking and filing down calluses
  • Orthotic devices and pads to eliminate or reduce friction and pressure
  • Advice on the care and prevention of calluses
  • Assessment of the underlying causes of calluses
  • Surgical treatment of any serious foot deformities that contribute to callus development

Getting treatment for your calluses is ― literally ― good for your soles. Step up and contact our office for an appointment today.