Hammertoe Surgery in New York, NY performed by Park Avenue Podiatric Care. Park Avenue Podiatric Care performs Cosmetic Hammertoe Surgery in NYC.

Hammertoe Surgery

One of the most common foot deformities, hammertoe is a condition in which the toes curl under like the claw portion of a hammer. In patients suffering from hammertoe, the affected toes stay bent at the joint, unable to flatten out into a more natural position. In addition to the unfortunate claw-like appearance, hammertoes can cause tenderness, swelling, painful corns and calluses, joint stiffness, and even difficulty walking. Hammertoes are generally caused by a muscle tendon imbalance and, if left untreated, will get progressively worse. At first, a patient might shy away from wearing open-toed shoes because of aesthetic reasons. As hammertoes worsen, the same patient might have to forgo many fashionable shoes because they are just too painful to wear. Eventually, the toes can become so rigid that joint damage is inevitable, and surgery becomes the best option.

At Park Avenue Podiatric Care, we can help you get back on the path to healthy, beautiful feet. Our doctors will meet with you to assess your individual needs. What type of shoes do you wish to wear? What kind of activities do you want to enjoy? How many toes are affected? How severe is your condition? When we perform your surgery, we’ll take care to make incisions in discrete areas to limit visible scarring so that your feet can look and feel their best. We’ll come up with a surgical plan to meet your needs so that you can once again feel footloose and pain free. Contact our office for an appointment today.