Slimline bunion surgery for bunion removal with less scarring and shorter recovery time after the removal of bunions.

Slimline Bunion Surgery™

At Park Avenue Podiatric Care, we understand that bunion removal should improve both the look and feel of your feet. In order to provide his patients with optimal functional and cosmetic outcomes following bunion removal, Dr. Sergi has developed Slimline Bunion Surgery™.

Slimline Bunion Surgery™ is a combination of two procedures. First, Dr. Sergi will use a medial incision near the big toe to open the foot and remove the abnormal bony enlargement. At this time, Dr. Sergi may also reposition the bones in the first toe and adjacent toes that have been shifted out of alignment by the bunion. Once the bunion has been removed and any other misalignments corrected, Dr. Sergi will remove any redundant tissue using a technique very similar to liposuction. This ensures the best possible aesthetic outcome for your feet following surgery™.

Slimline Bunion Surgery™ is performed in a surgical center using local anesthesia with I.V. sedation. Unlike other bunion removal techniques, which use a dorsal incision, Slimline Bunion Surgery uses a medial incision. Dorsal incisions are situated on the top of the foot, which can leave behind visible scarring long after the initial wound has healed. Through using a medial incision, Dr. Sergi limits visible scarring by strategically placing the incision on the side of your foot.

Slimline Bunion Surgery™ also differs from other techniques in the way the incision is closed. Unlike old-fashioned bunion removal techniques, Slimline Bunion Removal™ does not leave behind sutures that need to be removed after the procedure. This results in less scarring and a more streamlined healing process than traditional bunion removal techniques.

Downtime following Slimline Bunion Removal™ is significantly shorter than old-fashioned bunion removal procedures. In fact, patients are weight-bearing instantly and can walk off the surgery by themselves wearing a surgical shoe. Typically, patients wear surgical shoes for three to four weeks post-operatively. By the fourth or fifth week following surgery, patients may switch to sneakers. Patients may return to wearing dress shoes by weeks six to eight.

Following Slimline Bunion Surgery™, patients can expect a minimal amount of pain. While this discomfort can be handled using pain medications, many patients find that it is tolerable without medication as early as the next day after surgery.

Patients can expect slight to no visible scarring following Slimline Bunion Surgery™. For the first eight to nine weeks of the healing process, patients will see a small scar at the incision site. One year following Slimline Bunion Surgery™, patients will see virtually no visible scarring.



NYC Podiatrist, Dr. Emanuel Sergi explains how Slimline Bunion Surgery™ can relieve bunion pain with less downtime and less scarring than traditional bunion surgery.