Cosmetic Foot Surgery in NYC can include toe lengthening and toe shortening to improve the appearance of toes and feet.

Cosmetic Foot Surgery

Cosmetic Foot Surgery

Do you wish you could wear that fashionable pair of sandals without feeling self-conscious about how your toes look? Do you wish you could fit into those fabulous new high heels without crushing or cramping your toes? Do you want to look your best from the top of your head all the way down to the very soles of your feet? If you’re interested in putting your best foot forward, cosmetic foot surgery might be right for you. Our podiatrists at Park Avenue Podiatric Care provide cutting-edge techniques that can correct numerous foot irregularities, from corns or calluses to toe deformities. Dr. Emanuel Sergi aims to improve the aesthetic appearance of your feet while also reducing any pain or discomfort from troublesome foot conditions, including Brachymetatarsia and long toes.

Toe Shortening Surgery

Patients who have elongated toes may suffer from painful calluses or corns that inhibit walking and prevent you from wearing your favorite pair of shoes. These conditions usually form over the knuckle of a long toe as a result of continued friction between the toe and shoe, leading to extreme discomfort while going about your day. Toe shortening surgery is designed to reduce long toes for symmetrical results, while helping to prevent the formation of corns and calluses. Our innovative toe shortening procedures can achieve long-lasting corrections to elongated toes.

Toe Lengthening Surgery

Brachymetatarsia is a genetic condition that is often the cause of short toes. In addition to being shorter than usual, these toes tend to jut out and overlap onto the surrounding toes. Short toes can affect your self-esteem, making you hesitant to show off your feet. This condition may also cause pain when wearing shoes. Toe lengthening surgery can improve the appearance of short toes for a graceful-looking pair of feet. During your toe lengthening procedure, the metatarsal bone causing your short toe is surgically corrected to point in-line with the rest of your toes, eliminating any overlap or crowding. Patients can expect long-lasting results after undergoing toe lengthening surgery.

At Park Avenue Podiatric Care, our doctors can give you the best care to make sure that your feet are both healthy and beautiful. We take an aesthetic approach to our foot procedures to minimize scarring and make sure that your feet look and feel their best. Whether you’re interested in procedures to remove unsightly bunions, shorten or slim your toes, or correct other conditions like hammertoes, we can help. Contact our office for an appointment today.