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I did extensive research and visited several podiatrists before going through with my surgeries. There aren’t many doctors like Dr. Sergi; he truly is one of a kind! He’s not your typical doctor that gets straight to business. He actually sits down with you and listens to your concerns and addresses your issues. I was extremely nervous before going into my surgeries and I felt very comfortable with Dr. Sergi by my side. He explained everything to me in a very detailed manner. I had several surgeries on my both my feet which included, bunion surgery, Tailors bunion, and toe shortening. It’s been two months since my surgeries and I’m pleased with my results. After each surgery was done, he called me the next day to see how I was feeling; he even gave me his cell phone number just in case I needed to reach him. Even after all of this time, if I call Dr. Sergi he is quick to call me back. I would definitely recommend him! Once you meet him you’ll know he’s the one. He’s an excellent doctor and great person.


I met Dr. Sergi after attending a Health Fair for my company this past fall. 

To be honest, I was skeptical about seeing another podiatrist/orthopedist for my right foot since I’d suffered a terrible experience years ago on my left. After meeting Dr. Sergi for my consultation, he assured me that the recovery time would be minimal. The pain would not last if I followed his instructions, as well as minimal to non-existent scarring. Of course, I had hoped for just orthotics and Physical Therapy; unfortunately, that was not the case and surgery was required.

I have to admit, Dr. Sergi was correct in regards to my recovery time, and the pain was definitely minimal. I was very surprised and very pleased. What I like the most is that Dr. Sergi understood my fears and explained everything to me so that I was comfortable with following through with the surgery. The aftercare visits were quick (5-10 min wait in waiting room at the most!) and thorough. Dr. Sergi’s level of concern and care for his patients is very reassuring and a pleasure to have.

I would highly recommend Dr. Sergi to other potential patients who are suffering from foot pain.

Thanks Dr. Sergi!

Dear Dr. Sergi:

I cannot begin to describe how much I appreciate the job you did on my bunion surgery. Ten years ago I had my left foot operated on. It was simple basic bunion surgery. The pain was beyond belief! It took me at least 6 months to be in a regular shoe. The pain was so intense that it took me ten years to get the courage to have my right operated on. I discovered you on your website. The slim line procedure made sense to me so I decided to make an appointment with you. You were beyond my expectations! You have a kind and very professional manner and the results from my surgery were fantastic! I barely had any pain and now 7 weeks later you can barely see my scar. Truly I had very little pain because of your protocol. I still don't understand how the recovery can be so different and the results better! I can't recommend you highly enough!! I will never let anyone touch my feet but you ever again! Thank you for your meticulous attention to detail. You explained that you don't traumatize the area as much as the standard procedure and your results are better. I was back in regular shoes with no pain in 6 weeks!!

Anyone is welcome to call me for a reference. Thank you again Dr. Sergi!

Warm regards:

If I had only known how well everything would go with my bunion surgery, I would have had it done a long time ago! Dr. Sergi and his staff were unfailingly caring, professional, and attentive, and they made the surgery and my recovery as comfortable as possible. Dr. Sergi patiently answered all of my questions, and he even gave me his personal number after the surgery in case I had any problems. I've talked to a number of people who had the same surgery with other doctors, and none of them received the level of service that I did. My foot looks and feels so much better now. I would enthusiastically recommend Dr. Sergi to anyone in need of a podiatrist.


I wanted to take this time to say thank you! I have visited several podiatrist's in the past, but none have made me more comfortable and at ease as you Dr. Sergi. You took the time to actually hear out my concerns and fears regarding bunion surgery. I was very hesitant in doing such a surgery and the other doctors did not take the time to actually explain the procedure. You, on the other hand, were thorough in your explanation of such a surgery. Therefore, I will be having the surgery. You even gave the best possible solution and answers regarding bunion surgery. I wish every doctor were like you with the care and concern of your patients. You have awesome "bedside manners". I will definitely recommend you to all my family and friends who are seeking a podiatrist.


As a surgical patient of Dr. Sergi, it is without any hesitation whatsoever that I encourage anyone experiencing any sort of foot pain to see Dr. Emanuel Sergi immediately.

Prior to seeing Dr. Sergi I suffered from intense bunion pain. For over a year I avoided the bunion removal procedure out of fear of this seemingly invasive surgery and assumed extended recovery time. These were false fears. Unable to bear my bunion pain any longer I sought Dr. Sergi's advice. With over ten years of practicing medicine, not only is Dr. Sergi eminently qualified to perform this procedure, he confirmed that this procedure is now routine and recovery time, when performed correctly via his patented method, can be under three weeks. In my case, I was able to walk the very next day and was completely out of my surgical boot in just three weeks.